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Summer is coming to an end....

I have a love/hate relationship with the month of August and I have some valid points if I say so myself. Here are the good things: We-Fest (Epic-Fest/Family holiday), hottest month of the summer, and my birthday happens to land on this month. Here are the bad things: last month of summer, get ready for school to start, and the feeling that it is going to get colder sooner rather than later. I just can't decide if I love it or hate it. Loving it has a slight advantage, because I guess it has my birthday. But after this year my birthday landing in August is not going to be a positive.....because I am getting old. Can't I stay in my early 20s forever?! Why life, why?!

Cinderelle Cinderelle

Why am I watching "Another Cinderella Story" that stars Selena Gomez and some guy that I've never witnessed before? I guess I just wanted to see not only Jane Lynch, but also to see if Selena is the second Miley. Sadly, they are both mediocre at best. I think that Miley might be more of the comedic type of actress and Selena might be more of the dramatic type. Whatever, I'm sure both of them will forgotten in five years. I think the "Cinderella" type of movies should be all buried and not surface again. Can't Hollywood think of a different premise? I guess not, since this is at least the third or fourth movie of this concept. Anyway, I think I am going to check this main guy out. He certainly can sing and dance. In addition, he is nice on the eyes. Hopefully he is above the age of 20. That way I don't have to feel sveevy while checking him out. Alright, I'm going to check. Peace out.

So BORED and Lazy.

Today is Friday and really the mention of that day does not give me a reaction anymore. Since I graduated I have done almost nothing. I tried working out here and there once I get the motivation and had small jobs. But overall, I feel like a waste!  Well, I need to leave. My next entry will hopefully be a little more interesting and longer. But I cannot make any promises.



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